Sophorolipids biosurfactant SL50


Mixed type (purified product, with two types of structure of sophorolipids)

Appearance Pale yellow to brown liquid
Content,% 50±5
pH 6-8
ST,mN/m                        ≤ 35

Product appearance:

Recommended  for:

  • Oilfield fields: EOR, single well stimulation and oil displacement, complex system flooding, ASP flooding, etc.
  • Environmental remediation areas: urban water pollution, organic pollutants such as water spill, soil organic pollution of ectopic repair, leaching, in situ repair process, with the use of bacteria better.
  • Agriculture: can be used as a variety of biological fertilizer, fertilizer, compound fertilizer additives can accelerate the absorption of fertilizer to promote the establishment of the biological environment.
  • Animal husbandry, aquaculture areas: can be used as feed additives, can effectively promote the absorption and utilization of nutrients on animals, while ensuring the effect of reducing the amount of various types of hormone ingredients. On the aquaculture environment of water purification will also play a supporting role.
  • Cosmetics, cleaning products, personal care: can replace chemical surfactants, surface performance, safety, biodegradable, strong detergency, low foam type easy to rinse.
  • Paint, printing, construction, food, medicine and other areas of the use of surfactants.

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