Biological Blocking Removal Agent for Oil Field

1.      Product Description

Biological Blocking Removal Agent BD-I can be used for oil well deblocking, water injection wells depressurizing and increasing injection. The oil well deblocking operation mode does not move the production string. Instead, it squeezes in from the oil casing annulus, and starts production after the bored well. The method of depressurizing and increasing injection of water well is to use a high-pressure plunger pump, to pump the deblocking agent into the formation along with the injected water.


2.      Physical and Chemical Indicators

Table 1 Physical & Chemical Indicators of Biological Blocking Removal Agent BD-I

AppearanceLight yellow to brown liquid
Viscosity,mPa•s≤ 3000
pH(0.5% aqueous solution)7~9
ST,mN/m≤ 35.0
Interfacial tension (NaCL 50 g/L),mN/m≤ 0.8

3.      Technical Principle

  • To dissolve organic clogging materials such as colloid, asphaltene and wax in the near-well area.
  • To improve the wettability of the rock surface, to reduce the oil-water interfacial tension, and to increase the permeability.

4.     Technical Advantages

  • Low operating cost: This technique makes it possible to not move the pipe string, and to squeeze in from the oil sleeve annulus, thus to reduce on-site workload and operating costs.
  • Reservoir protection: This technique can dredge the formation without destroying the formation. The biosurfactant can be implemented in environmentally sensitive areas without any damage to the reservoir.
  • Environmental protection: Biosurfactants are non-toxic, harmless, 100% biodegradable, and will not pollute the oil reservoir and the environment, and meet the national and international environmental requirements.
  • Zero downstream Impact: This technique will not cause corrosion to downhole pipe strings and surface pipelines. Flowback fluid will not affect downstream stations operations.

5.      Application Case

Core experiment data

Effectiveness of measures for oil wells applying BD-I in an oil field in China