Biological Oil-Displacing Agent for Oil Field

1.      Product Description

With sophorolipids and biopolymers as the main components, Biological Oil-displacing Agent BD-II (Figure 1) is a tertiary oil recovery product (binary composite flooding) used in oil fields. It can improve swept volume, oil washing efficiency and oil recovery, through emulsifying remaining oil, improving lubrication, reducing oil-water interfacial tension, as well as expanding water flooding swept volume and etc.       

In addition to excellent oil displacement performance, the Biological Oil-displacing Agent BD-II also has high temperature resistance and high salinity, and it is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, thus eco-friendly.

2.     Physical & Chemical Indicators

Table 1 Physical & Chemical Indicators of Biological Oil-displacing Agent BD-II

AppearanceLight yellow to brown liquid
Viscosity,mPa•s≤ 5000
pH(0.5% aqueous solution)5~7
ST,mN/m≤ 40.0
Interfacial tension (NaCL 50g/L),mN/m≤ 2.5

3.      Performance & Features

The core component of the Biological Oil-displacing Agent BD-II is sophorolipid. Experimental data shows that the oil-displacing efficiency of sophorolipid is at least 3 times higher than that of industrial synthetic surfactants, and the overall oil displacement efficiency can be improved by more than 15%. The products have the following features:

(1) Good water solubility and low interfacial tension;

(2) Strong ability to emulsify crude oil;

(3) Strong ability to improve the wetness of the formation;

(4) Strong ability to increase the affected volume;

(5) High temperature and salt resistance, and a wide range of pH adaptability;

(6) Non-toxic, harmless, 100% biodegradable, and zero pollution to the oil reservoir and the environment.

4.      Tolerance Data

The following tolerance data are from randomly-selected BD-II products with repeated testings, thus are objective and reliable.

5.      Application Case

Oil displacement effect map of an oil field using BD-II in China.