Rhamnolipid biosurfactant RLM

Rhamnolipid industrial product, general structure

Rhamnolipid is a kind of glycolipid biosurfactant synthesized by Pseudomonas with sugar and vegetable oil as carbon source and fermentation process under certain conditions. The surfactant has excellent properties of solubilizing, emulsifying, wetting, foaming, dispersing, reducing surface tension, etc., and has the characteristics of non-toxicity, easy biodegradation, and environmental friendliness.
Our company uses natural plant-derived raw materials to produce rhamnolipid products through an environmentally friendly and safe physical extraction process, ensuring that the product is 100% biodegradable.

Rhamnolipid is easily soluble in solvents such as water, ethanol, chloroform and ether. It has good chemical and biological properties. It has oil and water amphiphilic properties, can reduce water surface tension, and can be used as wetting agent, emulsifier and foaming agent. Rhamnolipid biosurfactants can be used under extreme temperature, pH and salinity conditions.
At present, it is widely used in the petroleum industry, green agriculture and ecological environment. In addition, it also has great application potential in the food industry, cosmetics, and medical treatment.

Structural formula of main product:

Rhamnolipid is the most common and widely used biosurfactant. It generally has two types of structures, namely Rha-C10-C10 (mono) and Rha-Rha-C10-C10 (double). Current research shows that more than 60 homologous glycolipids of known structure are called rhamnolipids and are mainly produced by Pseudomonas and Burkholderia. The more common rhamnolipids have four structures:

Product Physical and chemical indexes:
*Note: each batch product has some slightly difference.

AppearanceBrown to black liquid
pH(10% aqueous solution)6.0-8.0
Water solubilitySoluble
Rhamnolipid Content,g/L≥250
Surface Tension(S.T.), 1‰,mN/m≤35

This product is a general cargo (non-dangerous goods). It can be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse. Transported as general cargo.