Sophorolipids biosurfactant SLMP & SLAP

Product Description

Our company’s sophorolipid biosurfactants products: SLMP and SLAP are glycolipid biosurfactants (INCI: GLYCOLIPIDS). This series of products use yeasts that are Natural screening, and use natural plant-derived oil, sugar as the main raw materials for fermentation. After multiple physical treatment processes that do not use organic solvents for purification, the final purified products of different specifications are obtained. The product is safe, environmentally friendly and excellent in performance. It can be used in various civilian fields such as cosmetics, washing, and household care.

  1. Product physical, chemical and microbiological indicators
AppearancePale yellow to tan liquidPale yellow to tan liquid
Solid content,%45-5545-50
pH(10% Aqueous solution)3.5-7.56.0-8.0
Water solubilitySolubleSoluble

*The purity of dry matter is greater than 95%, and the hygienic index conforms to the latest version of the “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications”.

2. Product features

1). Pure natural origin: The strain is obtained by natural optimization method without genetic modification. The main raw materials for fermentation are all natural plants, and food-grade products made by carefully processing them.

2). Production process: The first half stage adopts pure biological fermentation process, and the latter half stage adopts physical extraction process. The whole process does not use chemical synthesis steps and organic solvents.

3). Safe and environmentally friendly: The product is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable, and does not contain various hazardous ingredients defined by the regulations.

4). Excellent performance: good surface performance, with extremely low CMC concentration. Gentle, non-irritating, with cleansing, moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-dandruff and other effects.

5). Tolerance to extreme environments: it still has structural and performance stability under high temperature conditions of 150°C and high salt conditions of 100,000 mg/L.

Packaging & specifications