Deguan BIO is a biotech company focusing on research and development as well as production. Being a supplier of biosurfactants, we have expertise and are committed to apply edgy biotechnology to reduce the high dependence on oil and chemical products. With our high-tech products,which are more cost-effective and eco-friendly, we aim to make practical contributions to sustainable development.

Our products and technologies can be applied to petroleum, agriculture, animal husbandry, cosmetics, environmental treatment, cleaning, home care and many other industries. We provide the ideal new biological materials, which are efficient and eco-friendly, to make sure that our customers can reduce the large expenses on environmental protection, hence to create the largest benefits for the suppliers as well as the communities.

We are the world's largest biosurfactant producer with production lines of fermentation and extraction, which make an annual output of 10,000 tons. And we are very proud that our production process is 100% ‘green’. Having applied microbial metabolism, the main raw materials used in in fermentation process are derived from natural plants; In extraction process, we use pure physical extraction, involving no organic solvents, no chemical reaction, hence no harmful ingredients.

From the the beginning till the end, we control every single step of the process and hence guarantee the whole production ‘green’.

We are a professional and dynamic team, and we are the best at technology innovations and thinking about the future. We build most direct and effective way to our customers, providing outstanding products and services. We look forward to working with professionals from all walks of life, and jointly promote the development of the biotech industry.

Factory located in the Yangling Free Trade Zone, Shaanxi Province,P.R.China

R&D Center

Fermentation Production Line

Purification Production Line

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