Biological anti-blocking agent BD-I

Basic Information


Product model: BD-I

Product appearance: Light yellow to brown liquid

Effective substance content: ≥25%

Usage: Anti-blocking agent in petroleum extraction process

Packaging specifications: 25kg、200kg、1000kg

Product Description


Biological plugging agent BD-I is a biological oilfield deblocking product with biosurfactant as the main component. It can be used to remove plugging in oil wells and reduce pressure and increase injection in water injection wells. The oil well unblocking operation method does not move the production pipe string, squeezes in from the oil casing annulus, and starts pumping production after the well is blocked. The method of depressurizing and increasing injection of water wells is to use a high-pressure plunger pump to pump the deblocking agent into the formation along with the injected water.

Physical and chemical indicators



Technical advantages:

1) Low operating cost: The pipe string is not moved, and the oil casing annulus is squeezed in, reducing on-site workload and operating costs.
2) Protect the reservoir: This product can dredge the formation without damaging the formation, and the biological plugging agent can be implemented in environmentally sensitive areas.
3) Green and environmentally friendly: The biological plugging agent is biodegradable, does not cause secondary pollution to the reservoir and the environment, and is environmentally friendly.
4) Does not affect downstream processes: it will not cause corrosion to downhole pipe strings and surface pipelines, and the flowback fluid will not affect the operations of downstream stations.

Technical principle:

1) Dissolve and emulsify: Dissolve and emulsify organic blockages such as colloids, asphaltenes and waxes near the well area.
2) Surface activity: improve rock surface wettability, reduce oil-water interfacial tension, and increase permeability.

Core experimental data


Application effect in an oil field


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