Glycolipid biosurfactants

Among biosurfactants, glycolipids are the earliest and most in-depth researched, and they are also the first type of biosurfactant to realize industrial fermentation. There are currently two main types, Sophorolipid and Rhamnolipid.

The initial strains of both glycolipids originate from the natural environment, and there are several natural strains that can metabolize glycolipid surfactants. After continuous optimization and screening, the two strains currently most widely used in industrial applications are: Starmerella bombicola, which produces sophorolipids, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which produces rhamnolipids.。


Natural selection without genetic modification


Sophorolipid-producing bacteria


Rhamnolipid-producing bacteria

Production processes and sustainability of glycolipid surfactants


SL:Sophorolipid     RL:Rhamnolipid

Molecular structure of glycolipid surfactants

Glycolipid surfactants are composed of hydrophilic "sugar" and hydrophobic "carbon chains". Due to different types of sugar groups, different glycolipid products can be named, such as sophorosyl sophorolipids and rhamnosyl rhamnolipids. Because of the different number of sugar rings, differences in the length and degree of unsaturation of the carbon chain, and other groups that may be produced at different positions, many structural variants have been derived. Each glycolipid class has dozens of structural variants.


Comparison of the differences between sophorolipids and rhamnolipids

The following table is a comparison of the differences between sophorolipids and rhamnolipids. Unspecified indicators are the same or similar. Due to different bacterial strains, formulas and production processes from different manufacturers, the content listed in this table only applies to DG BIO's glycolipid-related products.


General industry application selection guide

Conventional extensive industries can refer to the following table for selection:


Precision Industry Application Selection Guide

Generally refers to applications in the daily chemical industry and scientific research, as well as other situations that require higher product quality. Please refer to the following table for selection:


Please note:

    1. This table only includes what our company has learned from customers or tried and confirmed on its own. Various models still have their own application scenarios and methods to be developed.
    2. Most of the relevant models in the precision industry are newly developed products, and only some of them have been mass-produced. If you need to choose, please contact us in advance to confirm whether they can be supplied normally.
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