Disaccharide-bilipid rhamnolipid RL-DR

Basic Information


Product model:RL-DR

Product appearance:White to yellow-brown powder

Effective substance content:≥95%

Usage:Medicine, pharmacy, scientific research

Packaging specifications:1g、2g、5g

Product Description


RL-DR is a crystal of disaccharide-bilipid type rhamnolipid, which is purified from industrial-grade rhamnolipid products. The products are suitable for medical, pharmaceutical and scientific research fields.

*Please note: This product is produced by fermentation process. Although it has high purity, it is still a mixture and not a single structure. It cannot be used as a standard reagent or calibration reference material. If you need to purchase, please call or email in advance to confirm inventory.

Physical and chemical indicators


Component ratio

This product is a non-standard product, and the product components may vary from batch to batch. The following proportions are for reference only:


The main molecular structures in RL-DR: