Rhamnolipid power RL-P

Basic Information


Product model: RL-P

Product appearance: White to yellowish brown powder

Effective substance content: 250±20 g/kg

Usage: Animal feed additives, industrial fields

Packaging specifications: 20kg、25kg

Product Description


Powdered rhamnolipid products are produced by drying rhamnolipid fermentation liquid after impurity removal treatment. In addition to the basic properties of rhamnolipid, it also has the characteristics of convenient storage and transportation. It can be used in most industrial fields, plant and animal related fields, etc. There is a solid carrier added to this product. Due to the different application characteristics of different industries, the carriers are also different. Please consult and confirm before purchasing. The carrier can also be customized and processed according to customer needs.

Physical and chemical indicators



Powdered rhamnolipid has excellent surface properties and has the functions of reducing surface tension, emulsifying, wetting, decontaminating, and foaming. Powdered products are mainly used in the field of feed addition, and can be used to promote the absorption efficiency of nutrients by animals, thereby improving immunity and enhancing resistance. Its characteristics are as follows:

1) Excellent surface properties: A rhamnolipid solution with a concentration of 1‰ can reduce the surface tension to about 25mN/m. The CMC concentration of rhamnolipids is <20mg/L.
2) Excellent compatibility: It can be used in combination with liquids, powders and some oily products.
3) Good tolerance: It has been experimentally measured that rhamnolipid can withstand high temperatures of 150°C and salt concentrations of 100,000 mg/L, while still maintaining stable structure and performance.
4) Safety and environmental protection: Rhamnolipid is rapidly biodegradable and the finished product does not contain heavy metals.


1) Do not expose the product to the environment for a long time and store it in an airtight manner as much as possible.
2) Cannot be used under the conditions of 10<pH<3.
3) Although the product can withstand high temperatures, it is still recommended that the optimal use temperature is between 10-80°C.
4) If the product accounts for a large proportion of the water-based formula, fermentation by-product impurities may precipitate. The physical properties of the precipitates are relatively stable and will not affect performance. Suspension agent can be used for suspension treatment.

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