Biological oil displacing agent BD-II

Basic Information


Product model: BD-II

Product appearance: Light yellow to brown liquid

Effective substance content: ≥25%

Usage: Oil recovery process

Packaging specifications: 25kg、200kg、1000kg

Product Description


Biological plugging agent BD-II is a biological oil field flooding product based on biosurfactants. It can be used alone or in binary and ternary composite oil displacement systems. It improves oil displacement efficiency by emulsifying remaining oil, improving wettability, reducing oil-water interfacial tension, expanding water flooding sweep volume, etc., and further Improve oil recovery.

Physical and chemical indicators



Experimental data shows that under suitable conditions of use, the biological oil displacing agent BD-II can increase the oil displacement efficiency by an average of 15% in indoor core flooding evaluation. The product has the following characteristics:

1) Good water solubility and low interfacial tension.
2) It has strong ability to emulsify crude oil.
3) Ability to improve formation wettability.
4) It can increase the swept volume.
5) Temperature and salt resistance.
6) Biodegradable and will not pollute the reservoir and environment.

Application effect in an oil field


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